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About Madcap Gallery

Madcap Gallery is a showcase for the artwork of Peter Blood and Julie Blood.  Julie specialises in animal portraiture and wildlife art whilst Peter likes producing colourful abstracts and mixed media pieces.  However, neither artist would wish to be pigeon-holed, valuing the freedom to be creative in whatever way they like.  Hence the strapline . . . "whatever next?".

Both artists come from a background of graphic design and illustration, working in their long-established family business, The Osprey Company, which specialises in the design and manufacture of interpretive signage for nature reserves and heritage sites and is recognised as one of the UK's leading exponents in this field, with many clients throughout the country.

Throughout his career, Peter has been producing his own artwork, mainly for personal enjoyment and pleasure.  Originally working in the medium of screen print and producing bold, colourful 'pop art' cartoons in Perspex, he also collaborated in the mid 1980s to produce a series of screen prints with the influential Scottish painter and lecturer James Cumming RSA who was kind enough to say that he had as good an eye for colour as anyone he ever knew.  In more recent years, Peter has been experimenting with digital media, producing abstracts of varying degrees of complexity, often with an underlying theme of spirituality. Follow Peter on Facebook.

Some examples of Peter's artworks

Some examples of Julie's artworks

Although a keen artist when younger, Julie only really began to paint again in 2013, after a gap of almost thirty years. As an avid horsewoman and animal lover, she was naturally drawn towards animal and wildlife art. She works primarily in pastels, though also in oils, acrylics and watercolour.  The deep, emotional connection she shares with animals always comes through in her pictures which invariably capture a sense of the soul of her subjects, particularly in her portraits of primates, to which she is often drawn. Follow Julie on Facebook.

Both artists exhibit regularly at art fairs, mainly in Northern England and Southern Scotland (see upcoming events) but this Madcap Gallery website is the main online outlet for their work.

Follow Madcap Gallery on Facebook.

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